Our Work Progress

The organization has made huge progress since inception. We have offered grants to small business, students, multi-national comapnies and different entrepreneurs across the globe making their dreams come true. At International Grant, we do not see obstacles, we see limitless possibilities in every individual and in every situation.

In the last few years, we offered grants to over 22,7963 small business across the globe, 206 private companies and 88,900 students.

Putting smiles on faces has always been our watch word. Apply for a grant today by filling out the grant application form below the page.


Mary Palmer I am so pleased to be able to honor the humanitarian wishes of my late husband through the support of this organization doing the most good for present and future generations.
Alyssa Nobriga You just need to qualify, and boom—free money. I got mine and am reaching out to millions of individuals as a life coach. Thanks to this outstanding organization. Am happy.
Grace Cooper I never thought i could pursue my dream career until i found this organization online. I had a friend help me with processings and i got a grant to study at a Tech University of my choice.
Donald Watson As a realtor, i wanted to be more by owning my own estate and have other realtors work for me. Today, am a proud owner of an estate and am helping other realtors get to this height.
  • Christina Mark


    Peace is possible in our world because the vast majority of people dream of it. our goal is to provide them with the research and opportunities they need to make it real.

  • Thomas Winston


    We feel we can do the most good by providing funding to leading organizations that already have the infrastructure and contacts necessary to provide effective, lasting solutions.

  • Justin Gates

    Executive Vice President

    Unless you count small business grants. Unlike business loans, grants don’t need to be repaid, so there’s no worry over term length, interest rates, APR, or refinancing.

Our Latest Events

12 January 2017


Launch with new individuals that qualified for grant

09 March 2017

Jake Gerogia

Jake Gerogia's first concert sponsored by International Grant

27 March 2017

Reps. Meet

Our reprsentative meeting with school students and teachers

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